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Disadvantages Of Open Business

There's a flip side to everything and so is the in the case of open business models. Their development also leads to the perception of some disadvantages of open business. One should definitely consider some pros and cons. But most of the open business disadvantages only apply only if we are stick to classical development models.

Let us review some of drawbacks of open business:

a) Life of the project?

There is no surety that a project will ever reach a usable stage with still enough live interest. Sometimes, the project just ``dies'', or fades out due to lack of funding or enough strong backing at the initial stage. When the source base is still immature and the development base is still being built, a significant initial gap develops which may cause the death of the project. This is one of the main disadvantages of open business.

b) Support issues

As a commercial user, you have the right to be assisted timely in the best manner. To get rid an annoying bug in an open source application, you may have to pay someone to fix it. The issue of software patents is a major open business disadvantage for the whole industry. It is quite difficult to know if some particular method to solve a software problem is patented and leaves problems for the users, who need the executable programs.

c) Project status

Another disadvantage of open business is to know the status of a project. With no advertisements for an open source software, it is difficult to know if a project exists and its current status. Often, a very few `clearing houses' for open source software and projects exist and they are not really up to date.

d) Features

Being innovative and upcoming programs, an open source business model may support various new features. But these features may not be beneficial for your specific business.

However, many people look at the above mentioned disadvantages of open business as a market opportunity. Several companies are approaching open source business models with added value services to offer information useful for people. Providing consulting and searching services related to the selection of open source applications for specific needs is fast emerging as anew business. But some more education is still required before a user can get professional services and solutions for their open business models.

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