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About Open Business

Welcome to Open-business. Info

The objective of this site is to educate our visitors on open business, an open innovation landscape.

Enabling you to assess your company's current business model, will help you to overcome common barriers in creating a more open model. Concept and models of open business are thrown light upon to facilitate companies' access to external technologies. Companies that keep their intellectual property too wrapped up face the risk of missing out on critical business innovations that idea-sharing could generate. Open business models encourage collaboration with customers and suppliers to everyone's advantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of open business help you in considering all the pros and cons before taking a decision. The prowess to profit, scale, acquire external technology favors the business model and is necessary to thrive in the fast changing technology and economy. The lower cost of open business is another aspect which turns the tables on competition.

Achieve all the benefits of the open source business model with the help of Open-business. Info.

Latest Articles is developed to guide you in the new arena of open business models. Know how companies look beyond their boundaries to access external technologies
Learn about open business concept and follow the open content principles combining the idea of transparency, creating open products and services.
Learn about open source business models for business innovations. Discover how they foster collaboration with customers and suppliers to everyone's benefit.